Dental Braces Types and Treatment

The modern Dentistry has brought us exciting dental care solutions.

Teeth Straightening is a cause of concern for many having misaligned teeth. There are many types of braces from metal to ceramic and toothcolored brace to colorless braces. So, your kid is not going to cry just like you did in your early teens! Rather your kid will love them to tell that are not kids anymore!

Today I will give a brief description on different braces within your reach.

Metal Brace:

Metal brace is first on our list. It is the most commonly used braces that are prescribed by almost all dentists. The system includes brackets that are glued to out teeth.

Metal Brace


  • Metal braces are strong and can withstand every regular interaction.

  • Price is not much.

  • Provides positive Effect.

  • Many colors are now available in the market.

Why Not?

  • Metallic Looks not goes well with the teeth.

  • Traditional metal braces are installed with rubber bands, which can be a cause of discomfort.

  • Normal gum irritation occurs.

  • You cannot chew any hard foods, gums, and caramel as it may get stuck to your teeth and you cannot floss. However, you can use jet water tool as an alternative.

Ceramic Braces:

A little-developed version of metal braces. Ceramic braces are designed out of composite materials and come in various levels of transparency. They are a little expensive if you compare with Metallic brace, but provide a better look.
Ceramic Braces


  • It looks better than Metallic braces.

  • The brackets do not stain.

Why Not?

  • The clear elastic wires holding the brackets to the teeth gets stains. But these ties are changed during monthly adjustment phases.

  • As the material is harder than the tooth enamel, there are chances of tooth erosion when rubbed against the brackets.

Lingual Braces:

Lingual braces are fixed at the back of the teeth and so are not visible while smiling. They are relatively more pricey with apparent advantages. Two main types of Lingual braces are – INCOGNITO BRACES and HARMONY BRACES

Why?lingual braces uk

  • Lingual braces are invisible while smiling.

Why not?

  • It irritates the tongue.

  • Searching for the perfect Orthodontists for this procedure is quite tough.

  • It can take a long time.

  • Only a small section of people are suitable candidates for the process, and so charge is high.

Clear Braces:

Clear Braces are virtually invisible. These invisible braces involve no wires, brackets or any components. These are the most suitable solution for teeth straightening. From the initial teeth impression, aligners are made that are to be worn for around 3 weeks. Then the next set will be provided to you. The number of braces you need is solely dependent upon your teeth condition.

Why?Clear Braces UK

  • No brackets will come off.

  • Fairly comfortable.

Why not?

  • They are expensive.

  • since they are removable, patients tend to remove them which cause the loss or damage of the braces.

  • Patients should remain well disciplined and not wear them off anytime.

Damon Braces:

Damon braces are metallic braces, but devoid of any rubber bands. Thus, these are more comfortable and easy to use.

Damon Braces


  • Wires have a sliding mechanism, and hence are quite comfortable for long wear.

  • Wires are lighter than traditional wires.

  • These are best for young adults.

Why not?

  • It is well visible from outside.

Smart Brackets:

It is the latest technology in the braces. It works on definite measurements and information that reduces the total teeth straightening time and hence provide best possible result in a very short time. But smart bracket braces is only best for self-conscious young adults and professional grown-ups.
Smart Brackets


  • It is easy to use of you are conscious.

  • The total time for the process in much lower.

  • The end results are quite a satisfactory one.

Why Not?

  • The gate that closes around the arch wire may get opened while chewing foods.

  • The gate can break due to continual opening and closing.

  • Gate Jamming can occur for patients having poor oral hygiene.

Tooth Coloured Braces:

Tooth coloured braces are the ultimate choice of all who care for their teeth. unlike the traditional metal braces, they devoid of any wires. As tooth coloured braces are available in different tooth shades, it will get perfectly blend with your teeth.

Tooth Coloured Braces


  • Tooth Colored braces are ideal for anyone looking for invisible braces.

  • Same technology as that of Metallic Braces, so the result is positive and pleasing.

  • The treatment can be covered within 8 months.

Why Not?

  • Price is the only issue to opt out tooth coloured braces.

So, now the choice is yours. To know more about the brace that is suitable for your teeth, feel free to reach us via email or call us anytime. We are passionate to help and treat new patients.

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