Do I Need To Visit My Dentist When I Am Also Visiting My Orthodontist?

If you are reading this, it means you have just got your braces. So, what was your choice? A clear brace or the tooth colored brace? Yes, both of the types works wonderfully with misaligned or crooked teeth. But, you cannot remove these braces. But if you like to do so (while eating or sleeping) and look 100% natural you have to get removable braces, which are very popular these days especially for the young teens and college goers. But many are of the opinion that such braces work less efficiently than their non-removable counterparts. So, the choice is yours!

oral hygiene treatment

So, you got your brace are now must be wondering whether you should continue your regular check up with your dentist as you are already paying visits to Orthodontist for your brace every other month? Well, you are not the only one! Many patients tend to ask if they need any dental visit as they are going through the teeth straighteningorthodontic treatments once a month or once after every two months!

Well, the answer is YES, you must go for a dental checkup at least twice a year to get gleaming fresh teeth.! So, today we will discuss the reasons that ensure the regular dental checkup even with normal visit due to patient’s orthodontic treatment.

Plaque and Tartar – After the fixation of clear, toothcolored or any metallic brace (you can ignore if you have removable braces) additional nooks and crannies are developed, which serves as a favorite hideout for food remains and bacteria. Plaque and tartar formation take place around the teeth brackets, bands and other brace accessories attached to your teeth. Our regular brush fails to remove this tartar completely and so a Professional Cleaning is a need for all of us.

Decalcification – The second best reason for the dental checkup is the teeth protection from decalcification. Decalcification if not treated at the right time can lead to cavities and may cost you a tooth extraction. But Decalcification is 100% preventable with the use good oral hygiene like regular flossing, brushing, and avoiding sweets and acidic, and sugary foods. A regular checkup and cleaning can prevent the formation of plaque and other cavities.

360-degree Dental Care – Thorough checkup is the third and the final importance of the regular checkup. You can expect your dentist to inspect your teeth, gum, and regular oral health. Many times we fail to identify any minor gum disease or loose tooth or damaged teeth filling. But the dentist’s inspection can spot this instantly and inform you for the treatment.

Dental X-rays – Sometimes during the regular checkup, dental X-rays are also taken to note the positioning of your teeth and detect any overbite or underbite. Even if you have diabetes, oral cancer or similar other diseases, a regular checkup can easily spot the symptoms. And it is needless to mention that an early detection can save lives!

Regular treatment – The last reason, that I personally believe is – a regular treatment is also great for getting straight teeth within 2 years. You must be thinking it is the general duration that your Orthodontist has mentioned. But NO.. if you have any cavities, it can delay your treatment time and worsen up the treatment. You can also ask your dentist for the fluoride treatments to strengthen your teeth and saving them from cavities as well.

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