Dental Injuries: Tips To Handle a Knocked Out Tooth

One of the most critical and traumatic dental experience from an emotional and physical standpoint as well is an avulsed or a knocked out tooth.

Avulsed Tooth can be the case for many of us, who are living an active life with running, playing balls and biking. Besides, sportsperson involved in games like – off-road bike riding, rock climbing, skateboarding, white-water rafting, boxing, trampolining, soccer, basketball, rugby, squash and even hockey can too be the victim at anytime.

Avulsed Tooth can happen to anyone at any point of life as “Accidents Occur Accidentally”.

So, today we shall discuss on how to face this unfortunate situation.


First, you need to know what an Avulsed Tooth is? It is simply a tooth that has been knocked out. Typical reasons responsible for the issue are like a blow in mouth or accident involving face or sports event. Though it is very unfortunate for anyone, but if treated instantly, the tooth can be replaced in the socket.

Tips to Handle the Situation

First, DO NOT PANIC”. Get a clean piece of cloth (you can wash your handkerchief and use) fold it and hold it over your socket and bite. Keep your jaws together to apply pressure.

Now, if your tooth is displaced but still is in your mouth, partly in the socket, do not try to remove it. Rather, try to call the dentist or reach to the dental care office immediately, so that you get immediate help. Try to avoid any medicine containing aspirin as it increases blood loss.

However, many times, the tooth gets completely knocked out. No need to panic, it is normal. The tooth must be in the accident region only. Find the tooth, if it is too dirty, clean it with milk, if available, otherwise sterile saline water or at least patient’s own saliva will do. Place the tooth in the available solution and reach to a dentist within 20 minutes. Realistically, if you fail to find any storing case, victim’s own mouth is the best place.


However, no need to keep the tooth if it is already broken or damaged. Generally,it is not possible to look for the knocked tooth for individual facing accident himself. In that case, he must reach the dental office immediately or call us at – 01673842276 or email us at – We assure you to be at your help in no time

Tips To Get Emergency Dental Treatment

It is important for everyone specially sportsperson to get registered with a dentist. You must contact your dentist immediately and explain what happen in detail. If you have had the accident in the normal dental practice hour, you should be able to get your treatment done as fast as possible. But, if you are registered with a dentist, contact NHS Direct (0845 46 47) and get the guide about the dentists in your area of your accident.

Tips To Avoid Knocked Teeth Accidents

If you are a player, you can wear mouthguard – a rubber cover that fits over the teeth and protect the teeth from any accidental injuries. You can ask your dentist to customize mouthguard for your teeth, taking the impression of your teeth sets. It is a far better option than the general mouthguards, as the customized piece fits exactly and can be colored according to your tooth color. You can choose the color of your sports team and use it while you play, or can make it tooth colored.

Remember – It is always the best to stay safe than to get an accident and seek dental help. So if you are a sportsperson or living an active life, it is better for you to use mouthguard. Play Hard, but Keep your Teeth!


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