Crossbites: Know the effective ways to fix them

The prevalence of crossbites among humans is very unfortunate as it can lead to severe dental complexities. A crossbite is caused due to misalignment in the teeth, leading to the teeth coming together, but either inside or totally outside of its proper positions. It is also often referred to as a ‘bad bite‘ as the two rows of teeth don’t meet properly. In the case of a normal bite, the upper teeth generally sit a little towards the outside of the lower teeth at the front, sides and the back of the mouth. Usually, the most common crossbite occurs when the top back teeth are inside the lowers on just one side. Hence, when the bite isn’t right, proper dental care must be taken to fix the teeth at the earliest.


The possible effects of Crossbite

The several problems that may arise from a crossbite includes:

  • misaligned bites may result in various types of dental problems, health & emotional issues, dental anxiety, etc.

  • Tooth decay and gum disease might become a definitive, if not treated properly.

  • stress on the jaws can lead to the prevalence of chronic jaw problems & headaches.

  • One may associate pain in the neck, shoulder and back area of the body as well as a result of crossbite prevalence.

The Treatment

A visit to the dentist is a must when suffering from crossbites. Ideally, one should preferably look to get treated while still a teenager, but the option is also open for adults just in case they get affected at a later age. Generally, in the most commonly occurring crossbite, the upper tooth can be widened. Here we will talk about two types of dental braces that can be used for treating Crosssbites.

  • Quad Helix Expander

  • Rapid Maxillary Expander

Quad Helix Expander

This is one type of a fixed brace that is designed in a ‘W’ shaped form and consists of four loops. This helps in widening the upper tooth arch. On the proper fitting of the expander, it compresses so that it can gradually expand and push the back teeth outwards. In the initial period, it might cause mild to low discomfort. The expander needs to be in place for a total time period of six months ideally. Three months to correct a crossbite and another three months to hold the correction. Once the quad helix expander is removed, there might be chances of the crossbite reverting back to its original position. To prevent this, the crossbite will have to be retained for a year after the expander is removed. A retainer (removable brace) will be fitted for the purpose of retaining the crossbite for a year. The success of the entire procedure will depend on how accurately the retainer is used after the removal of the expander.

Rapid Maxillary Expander

The rapid maxillary expander is another kind of a brace that is attached to the upper teeth. The difference in this expander is that it consists of a screw in the middle of the palate. For two weeks straight, the screw is turned twice per day. This helps in the expansion of the upper jaw in rapid time. One might experience some discomfort for the initial few days. The pain can be controlled obviously with the help of any prescribed pain relief pill or even a paracetamol. No kind of damage should be associated with the fixed brace expander as it only needs to be in place for a minimum of three months. Once the expander is removed, it is replaced with a removable retainer. However, it has to be kept in mind that in order to avoid permanent decay around the fixings, a lot of consistency has to go in with cleaning the teeth properly. Too much of fizzy drinks should be avoided and a lot of emphasis should be given on brushing. It is almost needless to mention the importance of using fluoride mouthwash. In order to ensure that the improvement is permanent, the removable retainer has to be put to correct use for a year after the expander has been removed.


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