Smile Enhancement- ‘Reviving the Perfect Smile’

The sight of a lovely smile is one of the most rejuvenating feeling in life. But, obviously not everyone is blessed to flaunt their set of teeth nonchalantly. The reason is the prevalence of a set of teeth that the owner finds unsatisfactory. Intense apprehension to smile freely can occur due to factors like stain layers, disfigured teeth, the over appearance of gums, etc. As a result, not only the social freedom of the person is affected, it has a bearing on his/her overall personality as well.


Wolds Dental Studio Smile Enhancement Services promises to help such victims overcome their reluctance to pose the perfect smile. Let us see how.

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Crowns help in maintaining the solidity of the teeth. It aims at the protection of the teeth by holding it together and strengthening it especially during times of tooth decay. Not only does it aim to repair but also enables the person to have better chances of chewing. Apart from this, ceramic crowns also aid in the shaping of an already affected disfigured tooth.

Tooth Coloured Braces

We are all aware of the widely popular traditional metal braces and wires. Tooth Coloured Braces is a unique alternative to the metal braces that helps in the proper alignment of the set of teeth wherever necessary. As the name suggests, this kind of braces perfectly compliments the colour of the teeth which also makes it easy for the person to carry it off. This is an ideal way of attaining straight teeth as one does not have to deal with the nuances of the metal braces.

Clear Braces

Another alternative to dental braces is clear braces or clear aligners. They are basically transparent or invisible in nature that aligns the affected tooth by making the necessary adjustments. The transparent nature ensures that the person is uninhibited socially, but at the same time not compromising on the hygiene aspect. They are detachable and cause considerably lesser irritation and complexities. Thus clear braces is an effective way of teeth straightening and goes a long way in enhancing the smile.

Composite Fillings

Another entity that is synonymous with the colour of the teeth is composite fillings. The material is a mixture of plastic and glass ensuring the protection of decaying teeth. It helps in altering the colour of the teeth and helps in enhancing the smile of the individual. Apart from this, composite fillings also help in straightening and reshaping teeth that are disfigured in nature. This is yet another way of attaining smile enhancement for the individuals.

Teeth Whitening Gels & Strips

One of the most commonly occurring inhibition among individuals is the prevalence of discoloured teeth. One of the most essential components of the smile enhancement services provided by Wolds Dental Smile includes the use of credible dental care products like teeth whitening strips and gels. These ensure the proper whitening of discoloured teeth and provides all the chances for effective smile enhancement.

These are the various modern day techniques that can be implemented to allow the unsatisfied teeth owners enhance their teeth quality and, in turn enhance their smile. Effective Smile Enhancement will go a long way in helping the individual drop the baggage of social inhibitions and allow one to prosper with freedom as one can now pose the perfect smile.


How To Keep Your Teeth Straight After Braces

You are reading this means you have straightened your teeth. So how does it feel? I am sure its great – isn’t it? So, now you are concerned about your straight teeth and want to maintain it.

Well, there are few easy tips that can help to retain the straight teeth.

Though I think your dentist have spoken to you of the use of the retainer, I will clarify your doubts (if any) on retainers. In your present state – when you have removed the braces, it is the time for you to adopt a new routine. Mainly two types of retainers are commonly used – either the upper retainer or lower retainer or both. You can either choose Fixed Retainer or Removable Retainer. The fixed retainers are attached behind the front teeth and provide peace of mind. However, if you are conscious of your teeth, removable retainer are best for you.These are thin and quite comfortable to use. You will be advised to wear these mostly at night.



After wearing it for a couple of days, you have to use it only at night to secure it in the right position. As you will be wearing it for 24/7 initially, be very careful to clean your retainer and maintain it the hygiene. You can also ask for occlusal guards for a similar effect. It will protect your teeth from grinding foods.

Do you know the actual reason behind the tooth shift? Tooth loss is the major reason behind the tooth shift. When you are treated with tooth extraction, a gap is created. The surrounded teeth drift into the gap and cause crooked teeth. Tooth Shift also cause TMJ disorder.

So, if you want to keep your teeth in the right position, you must follow a healthy dental care routine

However, there are some habits, which if avoided can retain your straight teeth for long

Sleeping on Stomach:

Sleeping on your stomach is not actually a bad habit, but can cause crowding or teeth overlapping. You may argue of its mild strength, but remember it is REGULAR! Actually sleeping in this position cause regular inward pressure on your teeth which can go worse if you put your arm under your head. It create a constant pressure that leads to the teeth misalignment.

Even if this is your favorite sleeping position and you can’t sleep without this, I would advise you to practice sleeping on your back or side. Try this, I am sure you will get this within few months.

Leaning Face On Hand:

Some people are habituated of leaning face on their hand all day long. This sitting posture is common among people working on desks or studying. When you place your face (and head) in your hand, you create a one-sided pressure in one jaw of yours. This will also push the teeth inward causing crooked teeth. You can avoid this, by sitting flat on your bottom rather than leaning back and resting on your face on your hands.

Sucking the Thumb:

Sucking the thumb is a real bad habit. It gives an inward pressure as well as outward pressure causing crooked teeth. This is seen mostly in children who must be stopped to check future crooked teeth. However, many are of the opinion that some habits like chewing pens, blowing gums can also create outward pressure causing misaligned or crooked teeth.

Gap Due To Teeth Fall:

A gap due to teeth fall out may also cause crooked teeth. So, if you had a dental implant, tooth problem, an injury that caused tooth extraction, you must close the gap using dental implants, dental bridges, or partial dentures. This can save your teeth from getting shift and become crooked.

A wisdom teeth removal can also lead to crooked teeth. Though some consider keeping the wisdom tooth, but this is not same for all mouth. So, on having a wisdom tooth, you need to consult your dentist and seek advice suitable for you.

So, now that you know much about Straight teeth, there are chances that you attempt to straight teeth on your own if you haven’t had the procedure. But, DIY treatments are not at all safe for anyone, and can cause tooth misalignment, permanent damage, and even tooth loss. So, don’t try any teeth straightening treatment. If you are looking for Straight teeth in Lincolnshire, there are lots of inexpensive and effective options for you.

Just follow these tips to get a beautiful and straight smile. We are always available to provide you with the best possible support 24/7.

Do I Need To Visit My Dentist When I Am Also Visiting My Orthodontist?

If you are reading this, it means you have just got your braces. So, what was your choice? A clear brace or the tooth colored brace? Yes, both of the types works wonderfully with misaligned or crooked teeth. But, you cannot remove these braces. But if you like to do so (while eating or sleeping) and look 100% natural you have to get removable braces, which are very popular these days especially for the young teens and college goers. But many are of the opinion that such braces work less efficiently than their non-removable counterparts. So, the choice is yours!

oral hygiene treatment

So, you got your brace are now must be wondering whether you should continue your regular check up with your dentist as you are already paying visits to Orthodontist for your brace every other month? Well, you are not the only one! Many patients tend to ask if they need any dental visit as they are going through the teeth straighteningorthodontic treatments once a month or once after every two months!

Well, the answer is YES, you must go for a dental checkup at least twice a year to get gleaming fresh teeth.! So, today we will discuss the reasons that ensure the regular dental checkup even with normal visit due to patient’s orthodontic treatment.

Plaque and Tartar – After the fixation of clear, toothcolored or any metallic brace (you can ignore if you have removable braces) additional nooks and crannies are developed, which serves as a favorite hideout for food remains and bacteria. Plaque and tartar formation take place around the teeth brackets, bands and other brace accessories attached to your teeth. Our regular brush fails to remove this tartar completely and so a Professional Cleaning is a need for all of us.

Decalcification – The second best reason for the dental checkup is the teeth protection from decalcification. Decalcification if not treated at the right time can lead to cavities and may cost you a tooth extraction. But Decalcification is 100% preventable with the use good oral hygiene like regular flossing, brushing, and avoiding sweets and acidic, and sugary foods. A regular checkup and cleaning can prevent the formation of plaque and other cavities.

360-degree Dental Care – Thorough checkup is the third and the final importance of the regular checkup. You can expect your dentist to inspect your teeth, gum, and regular oral health. Many times we fail to identify any minor gum disease or loose tooth or damaged teeth filling. But the dentist’s inspection can spot this instantly and inform you for the treatment.

Dental X-rays – Sometimes during the regular checkup, dental X-rays are also taken to note the positioning of your teeth and detect any overbite or underbite. Even if you have diabetes, oral cancer or similar other diseases, a regular checkup can easily spot the symptoms. And it is needless to mention that an early detection can save lives!

Regular treatment – The last reason, that I personally believe is – a regular treatment is also great for getting straight teeth within 2 years. You must be thinking it is the general duration that your Orthodontist has mentioned. But NO.. if you have any cavities, it can delay your treatment time and worsen up the treatment. You can also ask your dentist for the fluoride treatments to strengthen your teeth and saving them from cavities as well.

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Dental Braces Types and Treatment

The modern Dentistry has brought us exciting dental care solutions.

Teeth Straightening is a cause of concern for many having misaligned teeth. There are many types of braces from metal to ceramic and toothcolored brace to colorless braces. So, your kid is not going to cry just like you did in your early teens! Rather your kid will love them to tell that are not kids anymore!

Today I will give a brief description on different braces within your reach.

Metal Brace:

Metal brace is first on our list. It is the most commonly used braces that are prescribed by almost all dentists. The system includes brackets that are glued to out teeth.

Metal Brace


  • Metal braces are strong and can withstand every regular interaction.

  • Price is not much.

  • Provides positive Effect.

  • Many colors are now available in the market.

Why Not?

  • Metallic Looks not goes well with the teeth.

  • Traditional metal braces are installed with rubber bands, which can be a cause of discomfort.

  • Normal gum irritation occurs.

  • You cannot chew any hard foods, gums, and caramel as it may get stuck to your teeth and you cannot floss. However, you can use jet water tool as an alternative.

Ceramic Braces:

A little-developed version of metal braces. Ceramic braces are designed out of composite materials and come in various levels of transparency. They are a little expensive if you compare with Metallic brace, but provide a better look.
Ceramic Braces


  • It looks better than Metallic braces.

  • The brackets do not stain.

Why Not?

  • The clear elastic wires holding the brackets to the teeth gets stains. But these ties are changed during monthly adjustment phases.

  • As the material is harder than the tooth enamel, there are chances of tooth erosion when rubbed against the brackets.

Lingual Braces:

Lingual braces are fixed at the back of the teeth and so are not visible while smiling. They are relatively more pricey with apparent advantages. Two main types of Lingual braces are – INCOGNITO BRACES and HARMONY BRACES

Why?lingual braces uk

  • Lingual braces are invisible while smiling.

Why not?

  • It irritates the tongue.

  • Searching for the perfect Orthodontists for this procedure is quite tough.

  • It can take a long time.

  • Only a small section of people are suitable candidates for the process, and so charge is high.

Clear Braces:

Clear Braces are virtually invisible. These invisible braces involve no wires, brackets or any components. These are the most suitable solution for teeth straightening. From the initial teeth impression, aligners are made that are to be worn for around 3 weeks. Then the next set will be provided to you. The number of braces you need is solely dependent upon your teeth condition.

Why?Clear Braces UK

  • No brackets will come off.

  • Fairly comfortable.

Why not?

  • They are expensive.

  • since they are removable, patients tend to remove them which cause the loss or damage of the braces.

  • Patients should remain well disciplined and not wear them off anytime.

Damon Braces:

Damon braces are metallic braces, but devoid of any rubber bands. Thus, these are more comfortable and easy to use.

Damon Braces


  • Wires have a sliding mechanism, and hence are quite comfortable for long wear.

  • Wires are lighter than traditional wires.

  • These are best for young adults.

Why not?

  • It is well visible from outside.

Smart Brackets:

It is the latest technology in the braces. It works on definite measurements and information that reduces the total teeth straightening time and hence provide best possible result in a very short time. But smart bracket braces is only best for self-conscious young adults and professional grown-ups.
Smart Brackets


  • It is easy to use of you are conscious.

  • The total time for the process in much lower.

  • The end results are quite a satisfactory one.

Why Not?

  • The gate that closes around the arch wire may get opened while chewing foods.

  • The gate can break due to continual opening and closing.

  • Gate Jamming can occur for patients having poor oral hygiene.

Tooth Coloured Braces:

Tooth coloured braces are the ultimate choice of all who care for their teeth. unlike the traditional metal braces, they devoid of any wires. As tooth coloured braces are available in different tooth shades, it will get perfectly blend with your teeth.

Tooth Coloured Braces


  • Tooth Colored braces are ideal for anyone looking for invisible braces.

  • Same technology as that of Metallic Braces, so the result is positive and pleasing.

  • The treatment can be covered within 8 months.

Why Not?

  • Price is the only issue to opt out tooth coloured braces.

So, now the choice is yours. To know more about the brace that is suitable for your teeth, feel free to reach us via email or call us anytime. We are passionate to help and treat new patients.

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