Symptoms confirming that you suffer from Occlusal Disease

The way our teeth meet when our jaws bite together is known as Dental Occlusion. The destructive outcome that is produced from a bite when the teeth are not aligned can be referred to as Occlusal Disease. The muscles and jaw joints can withstand the teeth force when they are properly aligned. But when they are not, the straight teeth imbalance can lead to problems both in the muscles and the jaw joints along with the teeth.


People suffering from occlusal disease often leave it unattended. Aligned teeth are not only a big part of our facial aesthetics, they can also relieve us from a lot of discomfort. But before treatment, one should realise that he is suffering from the disease in the first place. Here are the symptoms.

Discomfort in the TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint)

The joint that connects our lower jaw with the skull is known as Temporo-Mandibular Joint. It is this joint that allows us to open and close our mouths and chew the food we eat. When the teeth do not meet properly due to improper alignment, considerable discomfort and grinding pain can be associated with the jaw joints. This does not make the opening/closing of the mouth and chewing of food any easier. Thus, discomfort in the TMJ is one primary symptom.

CDH (Cervical Dentin Hypersensitivity)

CDH is a kind of sharp dental pain that arises from exposed dentin surfaces in response to an external stimuli and not connected to any other dental disease. Sensitivity in the teeth is a common phenomenon. But we often get perplexed when sensitivity occurs due to daily activities like sipping coffee or a cold drink, when there is no reason to be. Many of you might be unaware that occlusal disease is one of the major reasons for the occurrence of CDH.

Tooth Hypermobility

Sometimes during a dental examination, it might come to the forefront that the second molars radiographically suggest that they have ample amount of support from the bones, but at the same time have a highly considerable amount of mobility. You can be certain that this is a clear symptom of Occlusal Disease. This can lead to the overloading of some teeth, which might have to be extracted in order to restore the occlusion balance.

Teeth Irregularities

One of the more popular symptoms to fathom this disease is by monitoring our teeth. It might appear that your teeth is flattening out and breaking with the prevalence of fillings and crowns. The teeth may also appear to be loose and one might experience sensitivity at just the mere change of temperature or might undergo toothache without quite being able to understand the reason for it. At this stage, straight teeth might seem far-fethched. These are indications that you might be suffering from imperfect occlusion.

Gums, Muscle and Headache Problems

You might doubt that you are suffering from Occlusal Disease when you find that your receding gums are growing worse. Imperfect occlusion means that the jaw is not in the right place and therefore, the muscles have to work that bit more and tend to wear out. This leads to consistent headaches contributing to the overall discomfort that is experienced. This can also lead to muscle spasms and pain near the eye and the neck region, and at times can extend to the back muscles as well.

Thus, apart from facial aesthetics, occusal disease can have a much larger bearing on your health. It’s important that it is addressed at its’ infancy in order to avoid fatal consequences in the future.


Dental Care Services in Lincolnshire

Yellow teeth spoils the beauty of bright smiles. Shining white smiles add charm to your personality and boost your confidence. We encounter several dental health complication and seek a one-stop solution.

Several dental services are available these days. You can prefer “in-store” dental service or head for “at-home” dental practice.

Though I prefer dental treatment under professional guidance as it promises of safety, but you can choose “at-home” service too. Both are equally effective and offer satisfactory outcome.

  • The Wonder of Cosmetic Dentistry

Misshaped teeth, unusual gum or teeth appearance, crowded teeth are the main reason behind cosmetic dentistry. There are several methods by which you can enhance your smile and enjoy your presence in the group photograph with your friends.

Few methods of cosmetic dentistry are coming up where you can choose to avoid the practice of injection or veneers. There are many Dental Services in Lincolnshire that offers the latest technique and technology like clear or tooth coloured fast braces, composites, ceramic crowns, porcelain fillings and teeth whitening gels. They are inexpensive and doesn’t hurt.

  • How to get the real White teeth

I believe a pearly white smile is the most treasured possession of any girl, but I am unfortunate to not have one. But not that troubled too as I have been backed by low priced cosmetic dentistry. Whitening products like – Stripskitsgels are some of the well-known products of hydrogen peroxide making teeth white. Whitening products are available in both DIY version and Clinic version. You can choose anyone depending on the condition of your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, you can choose a product with minimum hydrogen peroxide percentage, go for 3% to 4% and if the condition of your teeth is good, it is fine to keep it at a maximum of 7%.

  • Ideal use of Braces – Tooth coloured or Clear Braces are Trending

Though I don’t have crowded teeth, but I can help you with a useful suggestion if you have one. Braces can provide you with the best possible results within a month. With the use of toothcoloured or clear braces, you can smile anytime and anywhere without getting the nickname of “Metal-Mouth”. No one can ever spot your brace and you get no extraction at all.


  • Have You Tried Painless Dental implant

Loose or uncomfortable dentures are a major problem and are better to implant it at an early date. Dental implant treatment, these days are using advanced technology where the implant would be painless, and you can enjoy your regular diet without its unwanted movement.

If you have cavity or gum disease, a dental implant is a much better and permanent option than normal medication. The professionals will apply mild harmless sedative and so you will not feel the pain and your teeth treatment will be done.

Generally, dental implant works with almost all age group, but it is better if you go for a regular consultation before the implant process. Many treatment centers offer 1day dental implant system that is fine to fit and work effectively within a couple of hours.

Dental Services in Lincolnshire provide the consultation just for FREE. So, why not have one?

  • Gum Disease: Common in every 1 kid out of 4

Kids’ Gum disease is a regular problem for kids under 15. Poor oral hygieneirregular brushing and flossing may cause gum diseases. Every 1 kid out of 4 is suffering from the gum infection. An early action can save the little soul from dental implant.

Gingivitis and Periodontitis are two most common dental problem. However if you find the early sign of cavity in your kid’s teeth, it is the right time for you to take an active step before its too late.

  • The Fear of Dentistry

If you are not a person of strong nerve, and are scared of medical treatment like me, I am sure dental implant, minor surgery or even an odontologist consultation can make your blood run cold. But you can trust me with the advancement of medical science, all dental treatment can be done with local anaesthesia where you cannot sense any sign of discomfort. So, I hope after reading this article you will not postpone your dental appointments anymore!

So, it is the time for you to call a odontologist and get your appointment at an early date. An early treatment can save your teeth and gum from any further delay.

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